Routers & Gateway

QikCell routers & gateway are designed with a high level of security and fast responsive Internet experience via a 4G/5G LTE network.

The devices has a host of features to empower your application and give you customizable software options to meet business needs.​ Our devices is powered by Qualcomm, built for IoT, and mobile broadband applications, offering reliable and secure wireless connectivity.

QikCell router series offers customized software and hardware features such as Ethernet, WiFi, RS485, serial ports, RFID, Bluetooth, LoRa and cellular technology ranging from CAT M1/NB-IoT, 4G LTE and 5G NR.

RC620 | 4G Router

RC620 is cost competitive 4G LTE router with high level of security and host of features for any IoT application with customization option.

RC620 | Outdoor Router

High performance outdoor router with advance 4G LTE antenna in a rugged form factor enclosure, making it ideal for deployment in various outdoor application.

RCVx3 | 4G POTS ATA VoIP Router

Vx3 is 4G LTE POTS replacement solution for legacy service. Device supports host of features including, DTMF signaling, analog data modem, Fax and alarm systems signals all previously connected to the PSTN.

RC610 | 4G Modem

QikCell RC610 monitors machines and sensors so you can increase productivity and reduce maintenance costs

4G/5G Solutions Expending your IoT horizons

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