POTS Replacement

Significantly reduce the annual cost of your current legacy POTS service

POTS Replacement

  1. What is a POTS line?
Plain old telephone service lines are traditional analog signal transmissions sent over old copper loops. They are 100 year old technology and it peaked in the dial up era. If you look around your house or office you might see some POTS wall jacks. POTS lines have been used for voice, fax, alarm systems, call boxes, elevator phones, credit card machines, HVAC systems and many more.

2 How to know if your home, office, or business systems run on a POTS

  1. If you have one of these and you have a cord coming from there, then you are using
    a POTS line
  2. If your office or business works with or has integrated into your network one of the following then you are using a POTS line

3) How the August 2022 FCC POTS Line Sunset Mandate Affects you?

In November 2017, the FCC made a declaratory ruling:  (1) retirement of landline copper lines and (2) replacement of legacy services (i.e., traditional Plain Old Telephone Service, also known as “POTS”) with next-generation service, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Legacy phone providers started to phase outsupport of POTS lines in August 2022. This
leaves you responsible for repairing maintaining of the figacy lines.

How Can MobilitySnap help you transition over to a next generation wireless solution for your POTS line?

1. Reliable

MobilitySnap provides you with reliable phone service over robust wireless LTE networks.

2. Costs

Our POTS Solution will save your company on average 30-50% of your current legacy POTS Line service

3. Value

Our POTS Solution will Provide Tremendous Value

4. All-In-One-Solution

MobilitySnap provides All in One Solution service hardware, Cloud / software asset tracking are management, SIM Card on boarding.


Our POTS Solution will Provide Customizable Solution as need any type of buisness

6. Installation

Plug & Play Installation - No infrastructure to install

Use Case


Improve your customer experience and operational efficiency from the store front to your warehouses with cellular connected devices and cloud management


Connect everything from the front of house to the back office and beyond, using WWAN to enable mobile POS, digital menu boards, ordering stations, sensors, delivery vehicles,food trucks, and more.


Support the evolution of how & where data is delivered by wirelessly connecting doctor offices hospitals, clinics on wheels, and telemedicine through secure cellular and cloud managed systems.

Financial Services

Point Of Sale, ATM,bank transections,CCTV,celluler

Fleet Services

Reliable multi-carrier connectivity in vehicles empowers organizations to rely on IoT data in long-haul trucks, POS and guest Wi-Fi in taxis, and GPS and telematics in service vehicle and delivery trucks.

Public Safety

During emergency incidents the flexibility and reliability to send critical information from dispatch to stations / mobile units helps public safety agencies protect and save lives


Education trends such as school bus Wi-Fi, remote learning and teaching, and Private Cellular Networks for campuses are ushering in new reliance on wireless broadband solutions for school and universities

Public Transit

Technologies such as GPS and vehicle telemetry data, on-board cameras, digital POS, and passenger Wi-Fi are transforming public transit systems — with LTE and 5G connectivity enabling it all.


Critical infrastructure across a wide array of facilities from federal/ state offices, emergency management operation centers, public works yards, wireless edge solutions and private LTE cellular networks keep essential services running.

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