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4G LTE DeskCell

Complete mobile voice communication for business and consumer. Our solution provides similar features to traditional fixed POST line and cloud-based VoIP system without overhead of infostructure, maintenance cost and ease of deployment with scalability.
What makes the difference? tickIoT desktop phones delivers high performance enterprise-grade voice, video and data over 4G cellular network with basic to advance call features powered VoIP/VoLTE service. The solution allows deploying communication solution without the need for local broadband connection anywhere, being that it’s portable and not tied to specific location.
The difference: We provide cost effective communication solution for your business.

The Difference

Completely off premise solution with 4G LTE VoIP end points with cloud PBX. Save costs and improve efficiency compared to legacy landlines or on-prem PBX.
Better service availability and uptime compared to traditional broadband.
Take your service anywhere. 4G LTE VoIP endpoints are mobile just like your cellphone, and it isn’t tied to a single location in the way on-premise PBX or landlines are.

TK920+ | 4G DeskCell

Professional 4G VoIP desk phone with 32 SIP account with optional LCD expansion module that delivers enterprise-grade HD sound quality.
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TK920 | 4G DeskCell

Basic 4G VoIP desk phone with 6 SIP account with basic and advance call features delivered over enterprise-grade HD sound quality.

TK920v| 4G VoLTE DeskCell

Plug & Play 4G POTS replacement deskphone with HD voice, WiFi hotspot, Ethernet and wall mountable.

Voice over LTE for faster voice connection and better call quality

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