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At MobilitySnap, we make LTE / 5G products for the wireless IoT space. Advance the way you live at your home, office or business with LTE/5G wireless technology

Providing loT Stack Solutions

MobilitySnap we design innovative and custom wireless technology solutions to work for our customers IoT stack. MobilitySnap IoT solutions help drive our customers’ efficiencies, monetize data and reduce operating costs. In 2021 it is estimated there are over 10 billion connected IoT devices. By 2025 that number will jump to 25 billion connected IoT devices.

Is your company ready for IoT connectivity? Let MobilitySnap guide you through it.

How Can MobilitySnap help you

The world of “Connected Things” is here, MobilitySnap brings an in-depth approach to IoT needs by integrating hardware, software and connectivity for your business needs to help bridge the gap from the physical world to the digital world. Our products address every level of the IoT Stack from device to gateway and platform/cloud applications. We design and manufacture high quality devices and solutions. Our business model allows us to work with our clients to customize individual IoT stack solutions to meet their specific project requirements. Whether this is your first IoT project or your 100th, we can help at every layer.

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